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Lots & Lots of Insecure Conversations & Concerns

by Tyler Dirks

What fuels “they argued with one another about who was the greatest” ? [Mk. 9:34] What’s the deal with our indignation and chronic discontentment with others – for basically being rampantly insecure and selfish just like us? [Mk. 10:41] How do we manage to daily deceive ourselves into believing that somehow our anger and insults […]

The Secret Life of the Church

by Tyler Dirks

What’s really going on in the church? What are the subterranean happenings of the ekklesia?         Well, if you really want to know …we are harboring an insurrectionist. He is an extremely powerful and subversive person operating in enemy occupied territory. He has won us to His cause, and made us members […]

Have You Ceased to Cherish This?

by Tyler Dirks

I recently heard from an old friend about the following scenario – – – > A suave guy showed up in our community. Everyone was immediately drawn to him. He was good looking, outgoing, hospitable, easy to talk to, articulate, and he even spoke of how “he’s not perfect” and how he “needs the grace […]

Folly & Friendship

by Tyler Dirks

I was recently talking with a good and trustworthy friend of mine, and he was telling me about a challenging relational situation he’s been dealing with. It is abundantly clear that my friend genuinely loves the individual he’s having problems with, and while it is true that love covers a multitude of sins, an inescapable […]

Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Katia

by Tyler Dirks

According to the dictionary on my computer – deluge means: “a great quantity of something arriving at the same time.” Certain seasons of life sometimes feel like this – – – > a deluge of difficulties, disturbances, and dilemmas. It’s kind of like 2017’s hurricane season – a series of heavy-duty hurricanes in quick succession. […]