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Groan & Glorify

by Tyler Dirks

Today I was wondering, “Why do the people in Nineveh involve the beasts, herds, and flocks in their fasting and donning sackcloth?” I discovered that it is because non-human creation is the exemplar of worship. Humanity stubbornly resists glorifying God, but all non-human creation intuitive and insatiably renders all glory to God (e.g. sun, moon, […]

Ruth Limerick

by Tyler Dirks

Boaz was taken Ruth brought home the bacon The optics were bad Naomi was sad From such scandal God did David maken

The Daniel Deal

by Tyler Dirks

So you’ve got all these sensible friends who think you’re crazy. You don’t really talk about it openly, but everyone’s aware of the fact that you have an invisible Friend. And what’s more, this invisible Friend isn’t just-a-friend, He’s also you’re Master. It makes you seem crazy (e.g. Acts 26:24). So what can you do? […]

Exhort One Another Every Day

by Tyler Dirks

7/1/22 Tyler, a wretch ransomed by divine mercy, an adopted child of God, sibling of Christ, member of Christ’s body, and pastor of ECPC by the will of God according to the promise of the life that is in Christ Jesus, To ECPC, my beloved church family: Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father […]