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Another Difficult Shepherding Case

by Tyler Dirks

There’s a long-time member of our church named Gideon. Gideon had over 5 dozen sons (with multiple women). One of Gideon’s sons received financing from his mother’s hometown community to hire worthless and reckless fellows to carry out genocide against his brothers. But the youngest of Gideon’s sons escaped the genocide. The youngest son of […]

Two Viable Versions of Coping With Abuse

by Tyler Dirks

*These are 2 viable versions of coping with abuse. This is not a comprehensive list of ways to cope, but these are 2 ways of coping that often don’t get published in blog posts or prescribed to victims of abuse. 1. There is a long-time member of our church who has suffered more trauma, injustice, […]

Difficult Shepherding Case

by Tyler Dirks

We have a long-time member of our church who separated himself from the community. He made an impulsive decision to get married to a non-Christian. This ill-advised union led to the birth of 3 sons. Two of the sons were put to death by the Lord because they were wicked. I have often wondered if […]

Good Friday

by Tyler Dirks

Why is it called “GOOD Friday”? At a glance it would seem that we might call this day anything but “GOOD.”  As Jesus of Nazareth sized-up this day, He described it as an episode of unparalleled offense, suffering, and injustice (Mark 12:1-11).  Jesus compares the events of Good Friday to a man who planted a […]

Sex Trafficking, Plagues, & Deportation

by Tyler Dirks

Once upon a time there was a guy who knew God. This guy was close friends with God. God promised this guy unprecedented greatness and support. God would APPEAR to this guy, and this guy would build altars to God and reverently call upon the Name of God. One day this guy got nervous about […]