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ECPC’s Vision

by Tyler Dirks

There are various ways to appropriately, and emphatically, communicate the primary dimensions of ECPC’s vision. For example, we could say, “We decide to know nothing except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. And we live as aliens and strangers in this world, in weakness and in fear and much trembling. And our speech and our message […]

Complaint Training

by Tyler Dirks

I have noticed that the vast majority of complaints are unworthy of being taken seriously. The unworthiness has to do with the fact that the complaints typically come from “frequent flyers,” and the complainant hasn’t done the necessary prerequisite work of scrutinizing themselves and discerning an edifying way to convey their concern. The result is […]

Becoming Childlike [Part III]

by Tyler Dirks

Jesus regularly says shocking and offensive stuff to us. Remember that time Jesus told a paralyzed guy that his sins were forgiven! …Imagine how offended you would be! You’re the victim! You’re paralyzed! You think, “God has some explaining to do.” And then one day God shows up in the flesh and the first thing […]

Becoming Childlike [Part II]

by Tyler Dirks

Who are the great ‘followers of God’? Who are the people setting the pace for godliness? Who do we esteem and venerate as the ‘giants of the faith’? It’s the people who obtain PhDs and publish books …right? It’s the folks wearing suits and showing us quantifiable versions of piety …right? It’s the people who […]