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Luke 11!?

by Tyler Dirks

After all His inflammatory statements in chapter 10[1], it is nice to see Jesus taking some time to reflect and pray. Perhaps Jesus will realize that He has been a bit harsh, and maybe, just maybe, He will make some key adjustments to His tone and style of communication so as to avoid grossly offending […]


by Tyler Dirks

He went every week. He went religiously. Did he enjoy and endorse everyone who attended? Nope. But that didn’t stop him from being thoroughly involved. Bottom line, it was chalk-full of complexities and bewilderments, AND it was his custom to actively attend. For instance, one time he went to the synagogue (as was his custom) […]

A Dialogue Based on Luke 14

by Tyler Dirks

[follower] “What’s on the agenda for today?” [leader] “Today we dine with uptight self-righteous people.” [follower] “That’s gonna be awkward.” [leader] “Yup.” Later that day, during dinner… [uptight self-righteous people] “Why do you flagrantly break God’s rules?” [leader] “I don’t.” Awkward silence… [leader] “I got a story for y’all. Once upon a time there was […]

Wholehearted, Hell or High Water, Attendees!

by Tyler Dirks

Once upon a time God hosted a huge party. A lot of ‘important & impressive’ people were invited, but none of them came to the party. Some of the ‘important & impressive’ people declined to attend because they were preoccupied with renovating and decorating their houses. Others didn’t show up because they were busy with […]

God’s Value System (Psalm 119)

by Tyler Dirks

Do me a favor and read Psalm 119. As you read through this Alef to Tav 176 verse poem, underline or highlight the words “love” “meditate” “whole heart” “consumed with longing” “law” “precepts” “rules” and “testimonies”. If you do this, approx 1/2 a dozen pages in the middle of your Bible will be almost fully […]