I have recently been following a blogger named of John Charles Ryle.  He’s really good.  You should check him out.

Here’s a little taste:

If you do not love Christ, let me tell you plainly what is the reason.  You have no sense of debt to Him.  You have no feeling of obligation to Him.  You have no abiding recollection of having got anything from Him.  This being the case, it is not likely, it is not probable, it is not reasonable that you should love Him.  There is but one remedy for this state of things.  That remedy is self-knowledge, and the teaching of the Holy Ghost.  The eyes of your understanding must be opened.  You must find out what you are by nature.  You must discover that grand secret, your guilt and emptiness in God’s sight.  …Not to love Christ is to be in imminent danger of eternal ruin.  To see your need of Christ and your amazing debt to Christ is the first step towards loving Him.  To know yourself and find out your real condition before God is the only way to see your need.