It’s Christmas time.  I certainly could blog something about Christmas.  Christmas is a wonderful thing, and it is certainly worth blogging about.  However I have decided to do a little blogging about the culinary practice of depouillage instead.  Depouillage is when you put the bone of a beast in a pot of boiling water in order to allow the effect of the boiling water to pull all the disagreeable nastiness out of the bone – the foul filth floats to the surface of the pot of water which enables the chef to skim the ordure from the bone conveniently off the surface.  All of this is done so that the bone might be placed back in the pot, but this time as a flavorful stock used within the creation of a delectable soup.

Essentially depouillage is all about taking a polluted bone and making it a pure bone so that it can be used in the creation of something beautiful.  This process reminds me of the way God purges our indwelling sin:  like the bone, the sinner is taken out of a beastly context and placed IN CHRIST (the Word) – wherein the believer is saturated in the Word of God, which – through the boiling power of the Holy Ghost – draws out the believer’s indwelling sin.  The sin, the filth, the foulness, the harmful bacteria of a believer is not an appendix, but rather it is deeply ingrained in the innermost being (e.g. not the flesh, not the muscles or the tendons, but the bone itself!).  It is not a pleasant process, but it is a necessary process.  It is a process of pain, discomfort, and conviction; but the end result is wholesale redemption, not just being saved from the original pot of filth, but being transformed into a valued ingredient in the creation of a celestial bouillon fit for the King of kings!