With the new year upon us, and the likelihood that many are embarking on the journey of whatever Bible-reading plan they’ve chosen for the year, I’d like to share with you a resource, The Bible Project, which I’ve found to be very helpful. Props to Brandon for originally suggesting their YouTube videos to me a while back. Here is an example of one of their videos, this one on the first eleven chapters of the book of Genesis.

The bread & butter of the Bible Project are their introductory/summary videos for nearly every book of the Bible. Using animation, and simple yet insightful commentary, these videos help the viewer to understand the main points, themes, and literary aspects of the books they’re reading or about to read. As they state on their website, their mission is “to show how the Bible is a unified story that leads to Jesus.” I have found it helpful to watch the corresponding video for a new book of the Bible I’m about to read, prepping me to look for these themes and other interpretive aids. Below is their introductory video describing what they’re all about.

I should point out that, since these are animated videos, they’re great for kids! They’re also great for adults. The Bible classes at my son’s high school use them as a recourse, as could homeschooling parents, or really anyone who’s interested in plumbing the depths of Scripture and looking for some assistance in understanding it. Their video format is very engaging and accessible.

I can’t say that I’ve watched every single video, so I’m unable to give 100% endorsement to everything they’ve produced. However, of the videos of theirs I have watched, none of them has caused me concern, and all of them have been helpful and edifying to some degree. Give them a try. If they help you as they’ve helped me, then great! If not, nobody will force you to keep watching.