Sunday Worship

September 17th, 2023


“The Enduring Spectacle”

Judges 16:1-3

Rev. Tyler Dirks


Sermon Audio


Sermon Outline:

  1. Samson’s Compulsion
  2. The Narrator’s Curtness
  3. God’s Silent

Reflection Questions:

  1. How do you compulsively blameshift, or make excuses, or strive to ‘justify’ yourself?
  2. How have you experienced the joy and fruitfulness of self-control, and diligent discipline?
  3. When was a time you did something really impressive, but the people who knew the real you weren’t impressed?
  4. How do you feel about the silence of God? How have you encountered the redemption of God’s silence flowing into your history of humiliation and drowning out your guilt and shame?
  5. How can you relate to, and identify with, Samson’s unhealthy compulsion problem? What are your unhealthy compulsions? (see Romans 7:19).