A gal named Karen recently asked me, “How can my community being praying for East CLT Pres.?”

Here is what I told her:

Please pray that the entire flock of ECPC would SAVOR Jesus (and – as God has designed it – that the Elders and Deacons would set the pace and posture of our reverence and relishing of Jesus). Please pray that all the people of ECPC would personally talk with Jesus, and that our conversations with strangers would include much of our SAVOR-ABLE SAVIOR Jesus Christ (e.g. pray that we would speak of Jesus as a REAL PERSON …as if we had ACTUALLY talked to Him earlier that same day …like that scene in the film The Elf where Buddy asks his dad if Santa told him that he was coming, and Buddy’s dad says, “Yeah, Santa told me you were coming, I just got off the phone with him.”)! Please pray that we would consider it the JOY SET BEFORE US to unceasingly depend on our Husband and King Jesus Christ. Please pray that while at McDonalds, or the Torta Restaurant, or Wal-Mart, or raking leaves, or going to Auto Bell, or walking the roads of our neighborhoods – – – that we would in all places & at all times SEEK Jesus – Search for Him – Long for Him, Crave Him, desperately desire to see Him and savor Him …and that Knowing & Believing in Jesus would be our FOOD!

Merry Christmas 🙂