It is sometimes said, “There is neither rhyme nor reason.” I feel that way about many things – mostly technology issues. But there are other things as well. For example, about 3 months ago I had a friend move in with me. Usually, that is not such a major event. But I had lived alone and independently for a long time. So to have someone move into “my territory” would be an adjustment. I began to prepare myself. I cleaned out the extra bedroom and found new places to put all of my “trinkets.” The bathroom as well, had to be “de-cluttered.” And a few kitchen cabinets and drawers had to be emptied for the “stuff” of my new roommate. Everything was just about ready and then I had to do some cleaning out of my mind. I realized my privacy would be greatly challenged. I had to change some habits – replacing silence with conversation in the morning to keeping porch lights on at night and closing bedroom doors. So I got mind and house as ready as I could and then she moved in. Wow, she had lots of stuff! But amazingly she packed it all into the small, extra bedroom – even her queen size bed. I ought to tell you one thing about my friend. She is deaf. Yep, she can’t hear – not one thing – no matter how loud I speak. But that’s OK. She knows American Sign Language and so do I. So we have some very “moving” conversations. It’s great because I have loved signing for many years and to have someone live with me whom I can – rather, must sign to – is fantastic! And when I get tired and ask her to respell a word 2 or 3 times, she is ever so patient until I finally realize the “secret word.” Believe it or not, there is one thing that she does hear – beautiful music. She says that there are moments when beautiful music will play in her mind. Don’t ask me to explain this. She can’t either. But she says it is lovely and we both agree that it must be tunes from heaven meant only for her. In regard to that privacy thing that I mentioned earlier, it has been very surprising. I think that one of the best things about having a deaf roommate is just that – she can’t hear me. So, if I’m frustrated and want to scream, even at 2 AM, no problem. I can scream or yell or *<!!**, or keep volumes up on TVs and computers all I want. And private phone conversations – no problem. She can be right in the same room and can’t hear a word I say. No need for me to find the nearest closet or run outside. We eat together, watch TV together – she has Closed Caption, I have ears that hear. And we talk a lot. One night we talked for almost 4 hours. We especially love to talk about our God and His word. We’ve been studying Lamentations lately. It is extra special for me to see the truths of God explained by moving hands and fingers. I’ve so enjoyed my new roommate, much more than I thought. When I consider all of the things that I thought I would have to give up, they are nothing compared to how much more I have received through my new roommate. As I said in the beginning, “neither rhyme nor reason.”   And it’s great!