What fuels “they argued with one another about who was the greatest” ? [Mk. 9:34]

What’s the deal with our indignation and chronic discontentment with others – for basically being rampantly insecure and selfish just like us? [Mk. 10:41]

How do we manage to daily deceive ourselves into believing that somehow our anger and insults don’t mean murder? [Matt. 5:22]

What kind of insidious arrogance lives inside of us – that we find ways to forfeit the title Foremost Sinner? [1 Tim. 1:15]


Humility is the opposite of insecurity.

Sin is being insecure about the fact that I’m not God (Gen. 3:5; Prov. 16:5; 26:12; Isa. 5:21). All particular sins emanate from this foundational frustration with my inability to bring to fruition my love affair with the lie of Genesis 3:5.


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