Picture a person with unsurpassed supremacy and influence. You overhear this person conversing with someone else, and they make mention of YOU! It is odd to hear your name upon lips as formidable as this, but it’s unmistakably true – he is talking about you. The unparalleled renown of this person would cause you to feel flattered even if he were using his breath to curse you …for who are you that someone such as this should even be mindful of you!? But he isn’t cursing you, he’s making requests on your behalf. He’s advocating for you, asking that you be kept on the most elite guest list in existence. He’s asking for perfect unity to be gifted to your community. And He asks that you might have his JOY fulfilled in your community. He mentions something about a supernatural resource, and the fact that he has smuggled it into your possession …and that subsequently you are now flagged and labeled an insurrectionist in the world. However, he is adamantly opposed to any talk of an extraction plan …he is keen on keeping you active in enemy occupied territory. Having put you in a hated position, he pleads for provisions of conviction, clarity, and comfort on your behalf, and he confidently claims assurance of your preservation – rooting his confident claims in the implanted mysterious resource. He claims himself personally responsible for having put you in your present position, and he holds himself personally responsible for your perseverance and development. He then goes on to talk about others who will become loyal to him via being infected by you (for you are a carrier of the implanted resource). He asks, yet again, for perfect unity to be gifted to this expanding heterogeneous community. He mentions something about how a particular and peerless preeminence has been given to him, and he calls attention to the fact that he has given this preeminence to you and to those who will be infected by you – and that this shall act as the guarantee of the unity gift which he zealously persists in requesting. He asks that you and the others would be with him where he is, and that y’all would SEE his eternal preeminence. Finally, he promises to continuously make known to you and the others the ultimate and absolute name of preeminence, and that the love with which he has been loved might be in you, and that he himself would be in you!