As a father of five I process approx. 235 lawsuits per/week. Kids are expert accountants, and they possess an innate knack for prosecution. However, roughly 234 ½ of the weekly charges filed get dismissed; and instead of proceeding to trial the “victim” is simply told, “Choose not to be mad; go play, have fun, be a kid.”

I know what you’re thinking, “That would NEVER work in the adult-world.”

Why not?

Because, adults take themselves way way way too seriously. …We often hear the admonition, “Can’t we all just be adults?” But that is precisely the problem. We ought rather to say, “Let’s choose to be childlike!” The “conflicts” of ‘kid-world’ are short lived; kids are at odds one moment and best-buds the next. Children enjoy relational resilience because they simply can’t take themselves seriously in the sustained, deep-seated, way adults do.

The most influential human being in the history of the world literally forced his leadership team to take their cues from kids, emphatically commanding them to, “Become childlike!”

With our arsenal of “adult sensibilities” we arrogantly restrict and restrain what it means to become childlike; but the command remains, we are to holistically and wholeheartedly imagine and implement this command – embracing and enjoying all of its liberating implications.

In one of the most impactful letters to have ever been written, the inerrant orders are issued: “When one of you has a grievance against another, you must aggressively choose to see the triviality in your ‘grievance’; you must vigorously reject the shameful choice to pursue your ‘principled reasons’ for being preoccupied with your sibling’s ‘crimes’ …True liberty, and the secret to joy, is found in choosing to suffer wrong; choose to be defrauded if you must!”