@ some point in 2021 (perhaps February) ECPC will host a simple, yet substantive, marriage retreat. Here’s a little PREVIEW.

“Normalizing the fact that triggers are going to be there, everyone is going to experience them and you can’t avoid them, they happen, I think can also help mitigate a little bit of shame that might come up if you get triggered.” Lisa Call

“What helps me get out of the triggered process? Probably kindness, first thing, just not being so hard on myself, not hating myself for not being perfect. That kindness, if it’s between the two of us, I think we’re gaining trust.” Becky Allender

…the fact that we have ‘triggers’ is indeed lamentable. We shan’t have them in heaven (at least not the self-protection / defensive variety so frequently felt and fumed in this fractured and fallen context). However, the fact that we have a Savior who saves us, and a relentless Bridegroom who is everyday sanctifying us, frees us to blend our lamentation with laughter. We can hoot, dance, feast, and sing in the face of our triggers and tell them that they have indeed lost their sting!