My friend Brian recently forced me to imaginatively inhabit Romans 14. It’s always necessary to imaginatively immerse yourself in Romans 14, but 2020 is an especially ripe year for this perennially relevant passage.

Romans 14 talks about how God’s kids are diverse. For instance, some of God’s kids are strict about rules, and have a strong hanker’n for justice, and are prone to being judgmental; while other kids in God’s family feel free in most areas of life, and have a proclivity to despise their judgmental siblings. The judgmental/rule-following siblings are weak in faith, and yet God has welcomed them into the family, and thus we must welcome them as well. It is before our Master (the Lord Almighty) that we stand or fall; and we will be upheld, for the Lord is able to make us stand! Let us not quarrel over opinions.

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