I recently got an internship with a big organization.

This morning I sat in on a meeting with the leaders of the organization.

The boss of the institution was getting reports from his leadership team, and one of the veteran department heads asked the boss a very awkward question…

Why have you done evil to your people?”

I winced.

The veteran overseer went on to say, “I’m not the man for the job …I’m way past my prime, and frankly I’ve never had the skill to pull-off the kind of project you’ve deployed me for.”

It felt like the overseer was accusing the boss of being irresponsible …like Rebecca Welton when she hired Ted Lasso.

I learned that once upon a time this veteran overseer was a man of easy confidence, but he suffered some big failures and now he wallows in insecurity.

In the course of the meeting I found out that the community at large hates the overseer, and despite his persistence to carry out the commands of the boss, the community does not listen to him.

The boss maintained extreme confidence and optimism, but the meeting ended with the overseer saying, “I’m not good at this! No one listens to me.”

It was an awkward meeting.