Once upon a time there was a guy who knew God. This guy was close friends with God. God promised this guy unprecedented greatness and support. God would APPEAR to this guy, and this guy would build altars to God and reverently call upon the Name of God.

One day this guy got nervous about his situation in life. So this guy decided to mistreat his wife. We ain’t talking subtle mistreatment, were talking brothel. This guy gave his wife to a high-ranking political official, and in return the political official gave this guy lots of resources. So this guy got wealthy by pimping his wife.

God wasn’t pleased. God plagued the house of the high-ranking political official. This prominent politician put two-&-two together and realized that the plagues were punishment for committing adultery. So the prominent politician deported the guy.

Here’s the deal. This guy is an esteemed member of our church. Even the sensitive people say they like this guy (probably because they’ve never met him). Honestly, I’m struggling to like this guy. Perhaps that’s because I see my sinful self in this guy (like Sufjan and John Wayne Gacy, Jr.).