1. Water problem solved.
  2. 42 disrespectful small boys ripped apart by 2 she-bears.
  3. Music, water, and Moab.
  4. Oil in vessels to save 2 sons from slavery.
  5. A baby son for an old wealthy couple.
  6. Resurrection of wealthy family’s son.
  7. Remedied the death stew.
  8. Food multiplication.
  9. Curing an extremely high-ranking, and oppressive, Syrian military official of leprosy.
  10. A floating iron ax head.
  11. Leaking highly sensitive military intel on Syria.
  12. An entire invading army struck blind …followed by reinstating sight to the entire invading army …followed by serving them a feast.
  13. Knowledge of a scary sound sent to the Syrians, and a subsequent, radical, economic boast for Israel.
  14. Tipping-off a wealthy family about an impending 7 year famine.
  15. Through tears – sees extreme heinousness of Hazael.
  16. Prophesies that Joash will severely defeat the nation of Syria 3 times.
  17. Elisha’s bones revive a dead man.