John was a matchmaker maniac! John was instrumental in Kirche and Joshua getting engaged!

As Kirche and Joshua coordinated with the wedding planner and met with their premarital counselor, Kirche started to wonder if the engagement perhaps needed to be prolonged. As she got into the thick of wedding planning, she realized that there were so many important decisions and details requiring her attention, and she needed to make sure that everything was perfect for their big day. Truth be told, Kirche invested a great deal of her identity and sense of worth into planning “the perfect wedding” and she was at risk of losing sight of Joshua and the joy of being married. John, having played matchmaker, started having concerns that perhaps Kirche was staring to view engagement and wedding planning as the goal rather than a means to an end.

So John confronted Kirche, and inquired about her motives and ultimate intentions regarding her engagement to Joshua. Kirche admitted that she had become a tad preoccupied with wedding planning, but she insisted that it was nothing out of the ordinary. Kirche did however mention that she was a little concerned about some things coming to light in their premarital counseling sessions. Kirche candidly mentioned that she was inclined to delay things awhile in order to be more fully prepared for this extremely significant life-long commitment.

When John pressed Kirche for details about her concerns, she said, “I feel ready. I feel like I’m responsible, and I’m mature enough to take on this very serious commitment; but Joshua can be kind of a loose canon. He often lacks decorum, and he frequently says things that are shocking and offensive. And as of late, if I’m being honest, I’m not thrilled with some of the company he’s been keeping. I’m just not sure if he’s really ready to take on the responsibilities that come with being married. I’m actually really concerned for him, I’ve heard him talk about how he’s inevitably going to be betrayed, falsely accused, wrongfully condemned, tortured, and crucified (by and large because of the provocative stuff he’s been saying), and he shows no signs of amending his inflammatory language or changing his lifestyle. If he keeps this up, then I’ll be a widow before I know it, and I know for a fact that he doesn’t have any life insurance!”

At this point Kirche burst into tears and became inconsolable for 6 days.

To be continued…