To obtain maximum appreciation of this analogy you will need to partake of Wes Anderson’s 2018 film Isle of Dogs. If you haven’t already seen this film, it is heartily suggested that you (a) postpone your reading of this correspondence, cancel your plans for the next 1h 41m, watch the film, and then resume reading; or (b) watch the film within 72 hours of reading this. Whether or not you opt to partake of the aforementioned film, here are the basic building blocks of the analogy between you and dogs…

  1. Dogs are content with crumbs. If after finishing a meal, I asked you, “Would you like to lick my plate?” You’d be offended and repulsed. But whenever I offer my dirty plate to my dog, she cheerfully accepts. You may protest that this comparison between you and a dog smacks of inappropriocity; and I agree that the scenario wherein I offer you my dirty plate is untoward. However, if the Master of the universe is having dinner, and some crumbs fall on the ground, then the most commendable thing to do is… JOYFULLY FEAST ON THE CRUMBS![1]
  2. Dogs enter the joy of their master. If I asked you, “Would you like to walk with me to the mailbox?” or “Would you like to go for a ride in the car?” or “Would you like to be my incessantly jolly, constant companion?” You’d probably decline. But this is the happiest offer a dog can imagine! To be always with their master! To hear the sound of their master’s voice! To please their master, and be an unceasing loyal and joyful participant in their master’s life; this is what dogs live for![2]
  3. Dogs aren’t afraid to look like fools. If I commanded you to roll over, or shake my hand at random, or sit-up and beg, or fetch a stick; you would dismiss me as an insane person, or you would file charges of abuse against me (and rightly so, for I am not your master). But dogs will do all of these ridiculous things simply because their master told them to. Dogs love to please their masters, even though they cannot remotely comprehend or explain why-in-the-world their masters indoctrinate them with things that appear so absolutely foolish.[3]

And what more shall I say? For time would fail me to tell of a dog’s playfulness[4], and their unrelenting curiosity[5], and their selfless protective instincts.[6]

APPLICATION: Unless you turn and become like a dog, you will never experience unquenchable joy. Whoever humbles himself like a dog is amongst the greatest in the Kingdom above all kingdoms!

Finally, if you have partaken of Wes Anderson’s 2018 film Isle of Dogs, then permit me to regale you with an analogy between you and Chief. Like you, we are introduced to Chief as the chief wretch.[7] The most trustworthy and deserving thing you can say about Chief is that he’s A STRAY! He’s dirty, he bites, and he’s completely committed to the lies of self-reliance and self-protection. And then, The Little Pilot shows up! At first Chief scorns The Little Pilot, but eventually his contempt is eclipsed and supplanted by The Little Pilot’s sacrificial love. The Little Pilot teaches Chief the freedom and delight of submission;[8] Chief is washed clean by The Little Pilot;[9] and after his bath, Chief receives the first real food of his life[10] – a puppy snap broken and blessed accompanied by the words of institution, “ビスケット” (Bisuketto).

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