She knew she was right. She had Bible proof texts to back her up! This had to stop. She was the victim. She was being abused. The burdens always fell on her. It was oppressive. She had been longsuffering, accommodating, and uncomplaining; but now it was time to call in the big guns! She had an air-tight case against her sister. So she appealed to God Himself! She said, “LORD, don’t you agree that my sister is wrong, and I am right! Tell my sister she is wrong!”

Pregnant pause.

God’s countenance wore an anomalous expression.

God said, “You may want to sit down for this. The fact is, you are wrong. Your sister is right. Matter-of-fact, your sister is really really right, and you are tormenting yourself. I will not tell your sister to become more like you, but I do advise that you become more like your sister.”

What happened next…

We don’t know.

Did she stop being friends with God? Did she bring abuse charges against God (for when a person feels they’ve been abused, and they bring their case to the authorities, and the authorities don’t agree with the person, that person then files charges of abuse against the authorities)? Certainly it was a hard pill to swallow. At a minimum, she would have to decide what to do with her disappointment, and if there was even a tiny tattered scrap of receptivity in her, she would perhaps battle through her disappointment and go on to grapple with the completely unexpected, and devastating, rebuke; and perhaps she would see the LORD’s rebuke as true love, and she would realize that Him hurting her was precisely the care she needed! Perhaps she would realize that discipline is painful rather than pleasant, but it is the hallmark of love, and it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.

Loosely-to-tightly based on a short scene found after a scandalous hero story toward the end of the tenth chapter of the Gospel of Dr. Luke.