Once upon a time God hosted a huge party. A lot of ‘important & impressive’ people were invited, but none of them came to the party. Some of the ‘important & impressive’ people declined to attend because they were preoccupied with renovating and decorating their houses. Others didn’t show up because they were busy with work. And still others decided not to come because they were newly weds, and new parents.

God was upset with these folks for giving priority to their newborns, spouses, businesses, and houses instead of giving priority to Him! God wanted wholehearted, hell or high water, attendees! So God brought in all the beggars, and street urchins, and misfits, and outcasts, and outsiders in order that His house may be filled! And God said, “I’ll tell you what… none of those folks who were initially invited shall taste of My banquet!”

– Based on a short story by Jesus of Nazareth [#Luke14]