Here is the most recent text exchange between BFW and I:

Yesterday, 5:45 PM

Bronco: Even though you don’t officially hold the rising adult position anymore :-)… I still have you on my calendar for tomorrow. I cannot do lunch, but if you want to meet up for breakfast, Sammies at Common Market, I’m game.

Bailey Wagner: I’m game

Bronco: 8a ?

Bailey Wagner: Yes!

Bronco: Deal!

Today, 9:54 AM

Bronco: I thought about this E.P. quote during our conversation this morning.
“The mark of a certain kind of genius is the ability and energy to keep returning to the same task relentlessly, imaginatively, curiously, for a lifetime. Never give up and go on to something else; never get distracted and be diverted to something else.”

Bailey Wagner: I love it

Bronco: This is my hope and pray for all of us regarding church involvement, fishing, climbing, math, reading, cycling, marriage, parenting, etc.