The most famous, influential, important person in history.

We didn’t even know He had arrived.

We didn’t know He had arrived because the announcement was made by a deranged vagabond, and His arrival was in hicksville.

Moreover, beyond the broadcasts of the deranged vagabond, the only other form of announcement came via astrology. This announcement was enthusiastically received by a group of Eastern mystics, but their celebration of the incarnation resulted in making a refugee of the most important person ever.

After returning from years of obscurity in exile, we still had no idea that the most important person ever had arrived because He choose to live in Ichabod Slumsville (a.k.a. Nazareth)!

When He finally made His salable debut, His first order of business was to disappear into the wilderness to wage war with the devil, live with wild animals, and chat with angels. Nobody heard from Him for over a month.

Upon His return He failed to be in popular places, preferring instead to hangout by the seaside. While there, He recruited the least popular people on the planet to be His best friends.

Finally, He showed up in society and gained fame. But then He immediately squandered His fame by disappearing into obscurity again.

Clamoring crowds tracked Him down, and forced fame upon Him, but He said “Let’s get out of here, and let’s go preach the offensiveness of repentance, and the foolishness of an invisible and eternal Kingdom, because that’s the main reason I came.”

He would often do incredible stuff, but He would always command people, “Don’t you dare go telling people about the incredible stuff I’m doing.”

As He habitually fled from fame and sought out desolate places, crowds of clamoring fame merchants would sometimes find Him, and He would foil their efforts to foist fame on Him by befriending the most offensive and unpopular types of people.

So what’s the point of this blog?

Follow the UN-FAMOUS most important person of all eternity!

Flee fame.

Foil fame.

Befriend the least populars.

Be free from the tyranny of trendiness.

Enter, and obsess yourself with, the joy of following the most important person ever into places and protocols of un-famousness.