People are like bouldering problems (i.e. the pleasure to be found in persons and community is discovered via painstaking perseverance, patient problem-solving, and joyfully partnering with others [2 Corinthians 1:24]).

Some bouldering problems I can interact with and enjoy easily, immediately, and progressively. Like “The Blatant Secret” at Love Valley (if you’re interested in knowing more about this problem, shoot me a text and we can meet up for a brewski and chat about it! …and if you want to, we can actually head out to Love Valley and project the route together).

And then there are other bouldering problems I have to painstakingly project and work sedulously to unlock with micro-beta and moxy; and I must acquire a taste for the route through perseverance, problem solving, and collaboration with partners. …And amidst the painstaking process I discover deep joy, and I wholeheartedly relish the experience!

And then, there are some bouldering problems that I just don’t understand at all, and there are even dimensions of certain problems that I hate and want nothing to do with (i.e. I believe them to be NICOLAITAN (Rev.2:6)/CHOSS).