Luke 10:21-24

Jesus rejoices. About what? Jesus says, “Thank you Father, for hiding true blessedness from “THE WISE” and “THE UNDERSTANDING,” and instead revealing true blessedness to LITTLE CHILDREN.” What is true blessedness? True blessedness is – – – > Knowing the Son of God. Not knowing about the Son of God; but KNOWING the Son of God. In other words, blessed are the eyes that truly SEE the Son of God. Many have studied to see Him, but have failed to actually SEE Him (John 5:39).

There is much that is considered “WISE” in the world, but the true definition of WISDOM is simply, “Being WITH God [a.k.a. actually knowing God].” Or another way of saying it, “Wisdom is being absolutely, all-the-time, desperately dependent on God.” True WISDOM looks like: instagramming WITH God; screentiming WITH God; grocery shopping WITH God; dinner cooking WITH God; laundry folding WITH God; Netflix watching WITH God; Christmas present wrapping WITH God; News Years partying WITH God; blog reading WITH God; having hard conversations with people WITH God; serving others WITH God; enjoying your hobbies WITH God; etc. In other words, wisdom means WANTING 24/7 supervision from God (a.k.a. being like a little child). And spiritual maturity actually subscribes to this paradox of childlikeness; so that growing as a disciple of Jesus actually involves striving to become increasingly childlike (Matthew 18:1-4). So the most ADULT/mature disciple is the one who lives in the most childlike manner. You see this being emphasized in Luke 10:17-20, and John 3:3, 6:29, 15:5, and Proverbs 3:5.

A mature, reverent, and grown-up disciple of Jesus looks like Forest Gump. A man who was deemed “stupid” by the “wise” and “understanding” people of the world. A childlike man who clung tenaciously to the words of his momma all throughout his life. A man who did not trust in himself, or lean on his own understanding. A man who experienced true blessedness, courage, confidence, freedom, and joy unlike anyone else. And a man whose life impacted the world like salt and light.