The king texts his scribes. The scribes show up lickety-split. The Queen of Persia’s cousin dictates a new edict to the royal scribes. The edict is addressed to the satraps, the governors, and the officials of all the provinces of Persia (spanning from India to Ethiopia …127 provinces). And each province is addressed in its own script and its own language (lest there be any confusion). Furthermore, copies of the edict are to be publicly displayed everywhere. The edict is composed in the name of the king, and it carries the official seal of the king (lest there be any doubt about its authority or authenticity). Moreover, the edict is sent with utmost haste (in order to provide recipients with utmost time to heed the new decree). The new edict says:

“The Jews have permission from the king himself to (a) gather, (b) defend their lives, (c) destroy, kill, and annihilate anyone who tries to attack them (even if their attackers are women and/or children), and (d) plunder the goods of their enemies. A-D will be permissible for the Jews for one day (Adar 13th). Let all Jews, in all the Persian provinces be ready on Adar 13th to take vengeance on their enemies.”

Love King Ahasuerus

After dictating the decree to the royal scribes, the queen’s cousin is in a good mood; he’s wearing royal blue & white robes, and a crown, and a robe of fine purple linen. And he’s not the only one in a good mood …the entire capital city of Persia is happy! Everyone in Susa is shouting and rejoicing! The Jews have light, gladness, joy, and honor! And the happiness spreads like wildfire! …In every province and in every city, wherever people read the new edict, there is gladness and joy! The day of this edict becomes a holiday! And a bunch of people declare themselves Jews that day, because fear of the Jews has fallen on them!