It’s Christmas time. So of course we must ponder Christ’s Mass [the word “Mass” comes from the Latin word, ” Missa,” meaning “Go! You are sent!”]. So what was The Christ SENT to accomplish? Christ’s mission was to (a) infinitely & perfectly atone for evil, treacherous, criminals; and (b) to achieve perfection on their behalf so as to eternally envelope them into the quintessential oneness of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

But I must warn you… if you allow yourself to ponder this scandalous mystery, you will most likely become completely engrossed in it. Christ’s Mass/missa is DANGEROUSLY DISTRACTING (even the Oy√©resu are beguiled by it [1 Peter 1:12])!

There are numerous accounts of people being completely preoccupied with Christmas. For example, country bumpkins (see Luke 2:16 & 20), Eldila (see Luke 2:13-14), Simeon (see Luke 2:25-32), and Anna (see Luke 2:36-38).

The most superlative example of people becoming utterly consumed by Christmas is the story of some Iraqi astrologers who were distracted from their regular wizardry duties because they saw The Christ’s birth announcement star! And having seen the star, they cashed in their 401ks, took a leave of absence from work, said goodbye to their wives and children, and hazarded a 1,094 km journey to Jerusalem! But The Christ wasn’t there! But they had not come this far for nothing, so they started asking around and eventually they found Him! What they found was a peasant toddler living in shanty town! But these Iraqi astrologers were unwavering in their infatuation with Christmas (like the Whos of Whoville even after the Grinch stole all their stuff)! They bowed down to The Christ, and gave Him all their wealth!

So please be careful and be warned! …If you start down the path of contemplating Christmas, you will most likely become totally obsessed.