Sermons from September 2019

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The Kind of People Jesus Calls


Sermon Text: Luke 6:12-16 Sermon Outline: Surprising Sundry Scary Reflection Questions: When was the last time you were sincerely surprised, or shocked, by the kinds of people Jesus chose to work with? Who were those people, and what made them “odd choices”? Which of the disciples do you think you would’ve gotten along with? Which […]

The Main Things: Lord of The Sabbath


Sermon Text: Luke 6: 1-11 Sermon Outline: Rest Rigors Worship Reflection Questions: Where are you choosing panic, performance, and policing others, rather than receiving and resting in Christ alone? Where do you feel a chronic fear of blame, failure, or accusation – and so you won’t permit yourself to rest? How will you commit to […]

The Main Things: The Bridegroom


Sermon Text: Luke 5: 33-39 Sermon Outline: Why Are We Doing This? Who Is He? Reflection Questions: Where are you preoccupied with your accomplishment aspirations? How will you go about repenting and clinging to the accomplishments of Christ instead? What dominates and defines your life? WHY do you want your life to orbit around that […]