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Senior Pastor

Who Are We & What Are We About?


Sermon Text: Titus 1:1-4 Outline: Servant Striving For Sons Reflection Questions: What do you do? What are you passionate about? Why? Do you feel secure and content with your status? Why or why not? How is your faith (see Hebrews 11 for specifics) growing these days? What is godliness? What is truth that accords with […]

The Word In Action


Sermon Text: 2 Timothy 3:10-17 Outline: Discipleship Is Dangerous [Perilous] Let the Word Have Its Way [Power] Reflection Questions: When have you actually experienced the Word of God in action (not just an academic encounter with the Word, but experiencing the active and living reality of the Word)? When & how have you experienced the […]

Patiently Enduring Evil


Sermon Text: 2 Timothy 3:1-9 Outline: Understand Avoid Take Heart Reflection Questions: When (and how) do you DEMAND that things happen in accordance with your expectations and preferences? Where do you regularly discover that your expectations are unhelpful? What portions of the Bible do you find particularly perplexing (especially as it relates to God’s method […]

Useful to the Master


Sermon Text: 2 Tim 2:14-26 Outline: Put Away Pursue Reflection Questions: Who do you want to be useful to? Are you clear about, and committed to, God’s criteria for usefulness? What are you argumentative and divisive about? What are you most “sensible” and “principled” reasons for maintaining your position as opposed to dropping it? God […]

God Knows


God Knows [Psalm 139] I. KNOWN [1-6]  II. LOVED [7-18] III. THE DIFFERENCE IT MAKES [19-24]   Reflection Questions 1. How do you feel about God’s never-ceasing nearness? Does it make you nervous? Does it frustrate you? It is comforting? 2. What do you fear people finding out about you? 3. What is your most […]

O Christmas Tree


Sermon Text: Isaiah 9:2-7 Outline: The Stump The Curse Far As the Curse Is Found Reflection Questions: When you force yourself to stop and contemplate the Christmas story – what part do you find most perplexing or disturbing? How have you personally experienced God sending (or brewing) hope in the darkness (or perfecting His power […]

Good Soldiers


Sermon Text: 2 Timothy 2:1-13 Outline: Strengthened By? The Signs The Saying Reflection Questions: Which of the following options most strengthens you? A) Self-Sufficiency and personal willpower; B) Success and accomplishments; C) Tangible security (e.g. money); D) God’s Grace When you consider God’s decision to deploy men like Jacob, Jonah, and Peter, would you say […]

The Great Mystery of Godliness


Sermon Text: 1 Timothy 3 Outline: What Is Godliness? How Do You Get Godly? Reflection Questions: When you hear the adjective “godly” who comes to mind? How is that all your modern day examples of leaders are “better” than the vast majority of the leaders described in the Bible? Read Luke 22:31-34. HOW exactly would […]

A God Worth Savoring


Sermon Text: 1 Timothy 2 Outline: The Setting for the Savoring (vv.1-3; 8-11) The Savior We Savor (vv.4-7; 12-15) Reflection Questions: What is God commanding you to SLOW DOWN and SAVOR these days? What – or who – do you need to pray for specifically in order to bring about favorable conditions for savoring? What […]