Sermons from August 2023

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Signs & Hungers


Sunday Worship August 20th, 2023   “Signs & Hungers” Judges 14:5-9 Rev. Tyler Dirks   Sermon Audio   Sermon Outline: Signs Hungers Reflection Questions: How have you been deeply & profoundly impacted by God’s miraculous signs? *Specifically the signs Jesus talks about in Luke 12:24, 27? Read Ephesians 6:12. In what ways has God sent […]

The Prevailing Purposes Of God


Sunday Worship August 13th, 2023   “The Prevailing Purposes Of God” Judges 14:1-4 Rev. Tyler Dirks   Sermon Audio   Sermon Outline: Our Preferences Pushback God’s Purposes Reflection Questions: Imagine the pain and disappointment Samson’s parents felt when their son was adamant about marrying a Philistine lady. When was a time that someone else’s preference […]

Are You Listening?


Sunday Worship August 6th, 2023   “Are You Listening?” Judges 13:15-25 Mr. Austin Cassel   Sermon Audio   Sermon Outline: Clear Communication The Pleasing Offering The Arrival Reflection Questions: What does communication with God look like for you? What about your communication changes when you face uncertainty? Read Matt. 6:5-14. What is easy/hard/exciting/scary to pray […]