Minor Prophets: In Wrath Remember Mercy

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Fall 2016 sermon series focusing on 5 of the 10 books of the Minor Prophets including Jonah, Malachi, Joel, Habakkuk, and Micah.

Who Is Like God?!


Sermon Text: Micah 6:1-16 Outline: Passionate & Profoundly Loving God (vv.1-5) Posture of a Sinner (vv.6-8) Eternally Preoccupied with God (vv.9-16) Reflection Questions: In Micah 6 when God says “O My people!” what emotion do you hear in God’s words? With what feeling and inflection do you hear God uttering these pleadings? …What does that […]

Savoring The Kingdom


Sermon Text: Micah 5:1-15 Outline: The Not Yet Coming King The Unforeseen Age Living Loosely in the Tension Reflection Questions: Do you shrink back at the thought of participating in the judgment of God’s enemies? If so, what does your response uncover about your view of God? What needs to change in your heart for […]



Sermon Text: Micah 4:1-13 Outline: Radical (vv.1, 6-8) Royal (vv.2-5) Requires Perseverance & Patience (vv.9-13) Reflection Questions: Do you insist that God’s ways of doing things make sense to you? How’s that going? In Isaiah 24:23 why do you think the sun feels ashamed (certainly the sun is not feeling a sinful version of shame […]

Problems & Powerful Pity


Sermon Text: Micah 3:1-12 Outline: A Repulsive Problem (vv.1-4) A Prophet Problem (vv.5-7) A Powerful Pity (vv.8-12) Reflection Question: Do you regularly read God’s letter to us? What do you do when you come to the portions of the letter that say repulsive things like, “you hate good and love evil, you tear the flesh […]

Rescued By The Shepherd King


Sermon Text: Micah 2:1-13 Outline: Rescued from Ourselves (vv.1-5) Rescued from the Enemy (vv.6-11) Rescued by the Shepherd King (vv.12-13) Reflection Questions: What sins are lurking in your heart, needing to be exposed by the light of Christ? What do you covet? Make a list of things and then ask the Lord to rid you […]

The Incurable Wound


Sermon Text: Micah 1:1-16 Outline: An Honest Witness (vv.1-7) Lamentation Leads Us to True Love (vv.8-16) Reflection Questions: What are 2 ways you attempt to downplay your sin? What are 2 ways you attempt to dismiss the holiness (the standards) of God? What is the #1 way you attempt to deal with problems in your […]

What’s The Deal With God’s Judgment?


Sermon Text: Joel 3:1-21 Outline: God’s Jealous Judgment (vv.1-3) God’s Just Judgment (vv.4-16a) God’s Jubilant Judgment (vv.16b-21) Reflection Questions: How do you feel about God’s jealous love for the church? How do you feel about the fact that God’s jealous love for the church is a primary & principle reason God will judge the nations? […]

Broken By God, Blessed By God


Sermon Text: Joel 2:1-32 Outline: Problem (vv.1-11) Penitence (vv.12-17) Promise (vv.18-32) Reflection Questions: What is your initial response to God claiming all of the destruction in v.1-11 as His own doing? How do you respond when God strips something away from you? Are there things in your life right now which look like problems, but […]

What’s God Got To Do With It?


Sermon Text: Joel 1:1-20 Outline: Warning (vv.1-5) Weeping (vv.5-13) Wake Up! (vv.13-20) Reflection Questions: What are some specific things that you are passing on to those with whom you have great influence (i.e. your spouse, kids, friends)? What are your “numbing agents”? What do you think God is telling you about them? What causes you […]