Spirit & Truth: The Gospel of John

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Fall 2017 Sermon Series

Breakfast With Jesus


Sermon Text: John 21 Outline: Restless Speechless Pursued Revealed Reflection Questions: What lie about yourself are you most tempted to believe? Do you have people in your life who know this about you and remind you of who you truly are in Christ? What are the specific ways you try to hide and protect yourself from being […]

All I Want For Christmas


Sermon Text: John 20 Outline: Disturbed Determined Declare Reflection Questions: When was a time you felt distinctly disturbed because you missed Jesus so badly? How did you cope during that season of feeling disturbingly desperate for Jesus? What does your determination to be with Jesus look like these days? How might you go about increasing […]

It Is Finished


Sermon Text: John 19 Outline: The King Humiliated Scripture Fulfilled A Hasty Burial Reflection Questions: How does the humiliation that Jesus suffered on Good Friday make you feel? With whom do you most closely identify in this chapter? Why? For homework, go back and read Isaiah 53 followed by John 19. Consider how the Old […]

The King: Abandoned, Betrayed, Conquering


Sermon Text: John 18 Outline: The Battle Prepared The King Abandoned The Son Condemned Reflection Questions: One of God’s paradoxes is that victory comes through suffering; conquest, through the cross; big results, through little actions. What apparently small, insignificant, even negative things are in your life right now that God might use to conquer the […]