Sermons from July 2019

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Reactions to Jesus


Sermon Text: Luke 4:14-30 Sermon Outline: Impressive Opposed Overcome Reflection Questions: How – specifically – have you been IMPRESSED with the staggering authority and glory of Jesus in the past month? How have you opposed and undervalued Jesus in 2019? What can you do to repent and become obsessed with Jesus for the remainder of […]

The Power of God


Sermon Text: Luke 4:1-13 Sermon Outline: Weakness Withstand Temptation It Is Written Reflection Questions: After all of the build-up, the hype, the prophetic promotions, the miracles, the angel visitations, a genealogical proof of pedigree, and a dramatic baptism experience – what would you expect Jesus to do with all of this momentum? How is God […]

The Son of Who?


Sermon Text: Luke 3:23-38 Sermon Outline: Who Is This? Why Is He Here? Why Does He Matter? Reflection Questions: Why does Jesus’ identity as the Son of God matter? How does the work of Christ provide hope for you? In what ways does Christ as the Son of God change your identity?

The Son of God


Sermon Text: Luke 3:15-22 Sermon Outline: Supremacy Suffering Sacrifice Reflection Questions: Do you feel a healthy intimidation of Jesus? When you read descriptions of Jesus like the one in Revelation 14:14-20 how do you feel about Him? What is your practical plan for broadcasting the news of the true King and His world domination? How […]