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Do you want God?


Sunday Worship June 21st, 2020   “Do you want God?” Luke 13: 18-35 Brandon Hawkes   Recorded Worship Service Audio – (56m:01s) 2020-6-21 Worship Guide (Open the Worship Guide to worship along with this week’s recording of music, confessions, and sermon) Children’s Sermon Notes – Luke Sermon Outline: If you want God you will let […]

Christ Lives In You


Sermon Text: Luke 11: 24-28 Sermon Outline: Our Flesh Is Weak Christ’s Spirit Is Strong Reflection Questions: Who lives in your house(spiritually speaking)? Are there any evils you let hang around? What area(s) in your life are you trying to fight spiritual battles without the Holy Spirit? Do think being blessed as primarily a physical […]

Pray Like THIS


Sermon Text: Luke 11: 5-13 Sermon Outline: We Come to God Shocked We Come to God Boldly We Come to God Expectantly Reflection Questions:  What do you need to cut out of your life to make room for prayer? If you want to join me, I am doing a 90 day fast from screen entertainment […]

Christ’s Call Changes Everything


Sermon Text: Luke 5:1-11 Sermon Outline: Christ Changes Your Mission Christ Changes Your Obedience Christ Makes It All Work Reflection Questions: What is your mission/purpose/aim in life? Will you let Christ hijack it? In what area of life are you resisting God’s call to trust and obey? Tell your family/friends about a time that you […]

Your Posture Before the King


Sermon Text: Luke 3:1-6 Sermon Outline: Christ’s Kingdom Conquers All The Mark of a True Citizen Reflection Questions: Are you preparing to be conquered by Christ? Who do you look forward to seeing bow before king Jesus? What is it that you need to repent of? What sin do you refuse to let go of […]

Your Hope Is Too Small


Sermon Text: Titus 2:11-15 Outline: Your Hope In This Life Your Hope In Christ Reflection Questions: Where are you buying into the idea that your identity and purpose are self-defined? What occupies most of your daydreams about the future? i.e. Where do you put your hope? Are you tired of putting your hope in things […]