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Increase Our Faith


Sunday Worship August 16, 2020   “Increase Our Faith” Luke 17:1-10 Jonathan McClure   Recorded Worship Service Audio – (01h01m:07s) 2020-8-16 Worship Guide (Open the Worship Guide to worship along with this week’s recording of music, confessions, and sermon) Children’s Sermon Notes – Luke Sermon Outline: Forgiveness (verses 1-4) Faith (verses 5-6) Humility (verses 7-10) […]

Taste & See


Sermon Text: Luke 9: 10-17 Sermon Outline: Eager (10-11) Doubting (12-14) Assured (15-17) Reflection Questions: When you have seen God work through you, were you eager to see more? Why? What causes you to doubt that God will provide for you in Christ? What is the heart of this doubt? How does the story of […]

Blessed Are You


Sermon Text: Luke 6:17-26 Sermon Outline: Healing (vs. 17-19) Hope (vs. 20-23) Hunger (vs. 24-26) Reflection Questions: Where are you looking for satisfaction? How does being self-satisfied lead to failure? What do the promises of the Gospel give you that truly satisfy? How is Jesus better and more satisfying than anything else?

The Son of Who?


Sermon Text: Luke 3:23-38 Sermon Outline: Who Is This? Why Is He Here? Why Does He Matter? Reflection Questions: Why does Jesus’ identity as the Son of God matter? How does the work of Christ provide hope for you? In what ways does Christ as the Son of God change your identity?