Sermons by Rev. Micah Vickery

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Spirit Planted Unity

Sermon Text: Ephesians 3:20-4:6 Outline: God: Soul of Unity Gospel: Root of Unity Growth: Sprout of Unity Reflection Questions: How can you celebrate our unity in the gospel such that it becomes our aim and delight? What practical steps can you take to pursue unity at ECPC? Could you simply to say hello or get […]

The One and Only Mr. Marvelous


Sermon Text: Mark 12:1-12 Sermon Outline: The Marvelous Creator The Marvelous Redeemer The Marvelous King Reflection Questions: ┬áDo you live as though this world is yours? Where are you turning the attention and the focus on yourself rather than your Creator? How do you feel when God comes to reclaim the thing that you have […]