Sermons from September 2017

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No Middle Ground


Sermon Text: John 7 Outline: Living with Hatred (vv.1-9) Living By Faith or By Sight (vv.10-36) Living Water in Your Heart (vv.37-52) Reflection Questions: Are you OK with being hated by the world? Are you OK with Jesus saying that you must hate your family to follow him? (see Luke 14:26) What sin has the […]

What Must We Do?


Sermon Text: John 6 Outline: We Must Let God Lead We Must Long for Real Food We Must Do Nothing Reflection Questions: Do you let God lead you, OR have you “domesticated God”? How would you explain these Words of Jesus to a non-Christian? —-> “If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his […]

Knowing Jesus


Sermon Text: John 5 Outline: Meeting Jesus (vv.1-9) Why Knowing Jesus Is a Big Deal (vv.10-35) Reading the Bible While Jesus Reigns (vv.36-47) Reflection Questions: Have you actually MET the active and living (real and relevant to your everyday life) King of kings – Jesus Christ? If so, when did this happen? How did you […]

I Will Change Their Shame To Praise


Sermon Text: John 4 Outline: The Land of Shame A Life of Hiding An Invasion of Spirit & Truth Reflection Questions: Where is the “Land of Shame” for you? How do you cope with shame? How good are you at hiding? How do you feel about the fact that Jesus doesn’t “respect your privacy?” Read […]