Sermons from June 2016

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Soldier, Poet, King


Sermon Text: Revelation 11:11-21 Outline: The Son of God: Soldier, Poet, King (vv.11-16) Rebellion (vv.12-21) Kiss the Son Reflection Questions: Read Isaiah 63, Revelation 14 & 19. How do you feel about the identity and activity of Jesus in these passages? Do these passages cause you to feel discomfort or delight? Why? John Stott says, […]

War’s End & Wedding Bells


Sermon Text: Revelation 19:1-10 Outline: War’s End Wedding Bells Reflection Questions: When was a time you really, really craved REAL justice? Do you agree that the absolute WORST crime – is to embrace the lie that there is something more believable and beautiful than God? Why or why not? Would you rather have good health; […]

The Fall of Babylon


Sermon Text: Revelation 18:1-24 Outline: Babylon the Great Babylon’s Surprising Fall Living in Babylon Today Reflection Questions: What are the beautiful things in the world today that are most alluring to you? How have you invested your life in these things? Are you shocked by God’s swift wrath against Babylon? What emotions immediately well up […]

The End of the Great Prostitute


Sermon Text: Revelation 17:1-18 Outline: Intoxicating (vv.1-6a) Interference (vv.6b-14) Implosion of Evil & Impressive Victory of God (vv.15-18) Reflection Questions: What seduces you? What product or person are you presently most preoccupied with? What are you looking to GET from that product or person? Tyler Durden once said, “The things you own end up owning […]