Mercy Without Measure

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Anger & Pity


Sunday Worship August 21, 2022   “Anger & Pity” Jonah 4:9-11 Rev. Tyler Dirks     2022-08-21 Worship Guide   Sermon Outline: Angry About the Absence of Mercy Pity for Beastly People Reflection Questions What are 7 instances in Scripture where God is angry over the absence of something good? (e.g. Mark 3:5) When was […]

Make Them See


Sunday Worship August 14th, 2022   “Make Them See” Jonah 4:4-8 Rev. Tyler Dirks     2022-08-14 Worship Guide   Sermon Outline: The Model For Misery The Priority For Mercy Reflection Questions When was a time you got life on your terms and it made you miserable? Have you ever experienced the acute misery of […]

An Angry Prayer


Sunday Worship August 7th, 2022   “An Angry Prayer” Jonah 4:1-4 Rev. Tyler Dirks     2022-08-07 Worship Guide   Sermon Outline: Our Emotion Our Evil God’s Response Reflection Questions Have you ever vented to God? How do you think God felt about that? Which of your emotional muscles have atrophied? How will you go […]

The Mercy Pitch


Sunday Worship July 31st, 2022   “The Mercy Pitch” Jonah 3:6-10 Rev. Tyler Dirks     2022-07-31 Worship Guide   Sermon Outline: You’re Not The Boss Life Through Death Gotta Be All In Reflection Questions When have you attempted to be the boss of your life, and had it come back to bite you? When […]