Cling: The Gospel of Luke

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“Assurance of Things Hoped For”


Sermon Text: Luke 1:39-45 Sermon Outline: I. Hope Makes Haste II. Hope’s Herald is Tiny III. Hope Holds God’s Blessing   Reflection Questions: How have you recently made haste to tell people about the assurance of things hoped for? Has Jesus done anything relevant in your life that you are bursting to tell others about? How […]

Appetite for Christ


Sermon Text: Luke 1:5-25 Outline: Reality of Reproach Ready to Receive Reflection Questions: How, or when, have you felt the reality/weight of reproach (or the stressful threat of disapproval) in your life? What’s your coping strategy for dealing with reproach? What experiences have dramatically contributed to your hunger and yearning for the imputed perfection, crucifixion, […]

Can I Be Certain?


Sermon Text: Luke 1:1-4 Outline: Is Scripture reliable? Is Luke reliable? Is Jesus reliable? Reflection Questions: How have you, in effect, created your own Bible, selectively choosing what you want it to say? Which part of Jesus’ story is most compelling to you? About what part of Jesus’ life do you wish you knew more? […]