Sermons from May 2017

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The Nearness of God


Sermon Text: Psalm 34 Outline: Subduing Sinners Comforting Christians Satisfying Saints Reflection Questions: What evidence of “fear of the Lord” do you have in your life? Read 1 Peter 3:8-18 and consider what it means to be “zealous for what is good”. What does it mean to you to be afflicted? What would Jesus have […]



Sermon Text: Psalm 50 Outline: Majesty’s Mandate Majesty’s Indictment Majesty’s Mercy Reflection Questions: Where do you see instant and eager obedience in your life? (e.g. checking your phone whenever it pings, etc.). Speaking of things like phone addiction …What do you label “an acceptable sin”? Why do you get so bent out of shape about […]

Why Worship God?


Sermon Text: Psalm 33 Outline: Our Calling God’s Character Reflection Questions: John Calvin says, “Believers are called to a vehement and ardent affection in their praise of God. The psalmist would have us omit nothing which tends to animate the minds and feelings of men in singing God’s praises.” Do you ardently, and in the […]

More Than a Feeling


Sermon Text: Psalm 1 Outline: Dialogue Direction Devotion Reflection Questions: Do you talk to God? If so, do you accept His invitation to be blunt with Him? Tremper Longman III says, “The psalms did more than help me pour out my feelings to God. It also directed me to Him.” What do you think Tremper […]