Sermons from July 2022

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It’s The Craziest Thing!


Sunday Worship July 24th, 2022   “It’s The Craziest Thing!” Jonah 3:1-5 Rev. Tyler Dirks     2022-07-24 Worship Guide   Sermon Outline: God Is Still Employing Jonah Jonah Is Lukewarm The Ninevites Are Receptive Reflection Questions As you reflect on church history (including your life), when was a time where you wondered, “Why is […]

The Sign of Jonah


Sunday Worship July 10th, 2022   “The Sign of Jonah” Jonah 1:17 Rev. Tyler Dirks     2022-07-10 Worship Guide   Sermon Outline: What You Get What You Want Reflection Questions When was a moment where you realized that it would not be healthy for you to get what you wanted? In Luke 11, Matthew […]

Prevailing Mercy


Sunday Worship July 3rd, 2022   “Prevailing Mercy” Jonah 1:7-16 Mr. Tyler Dirks     2022-07-03 Worship Guide   Sermon Outline: Feeling The Fact That You’re Small Your Strategies Fail Embrace The Shocking Sign Of God’s Mercy Reflection Questions When was a time God forced you to feel insufficient in your area of expertise? How […]