Sermons from June 2019

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Sermon Text: Luke 3:7-14   Sermon Outline: Bear Fruits in Keeping with Repentance Generosity   Reflection Questions: According to God, what is ‘the secret’ to productivity? Who (specifically) do you need to call today and tell them “I was wrong; no excuses; I hurt you; I’m sorry.” Who (specifically) do you need to share with […]

Your Posture Before the King


Sermon Text: Luke 3:1-6 Sermon Outline: Christ’s Kingdom Conquers All The Mark of a True Citizen Reflection Questions: Are you preparing to be conquered by Christ? Who do you look forward to seeing bow before king Jesus? What is it that you need to repent of? What sin do you refuse to let go of […]

A Man After God’s Own Heart


Sermon Text: Luke 2:40-52 Sermon Outline: He’s Human Priorities Who Is This Kid? Reflection Questions: The Bible says that Jesus is fully human, and that though He never sinned, He was tempted in EVERY WAY that you’ve been tempted. Why and how is this personally meaningful to you? What do you prioritize? If you stare […]

Something Bigger Than Yourself


Sermon Text: Luke 2:21-39 Sermon Outline: Dedicated Division Delight Reflection Questions: What are you manifestly most dedicated to? Read Luke 12:49-53. When, and how, have you experienced the division that Christ came to bring? Why, specifically, do you feel overjoyed (or offended) by the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth?