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Death Defying Dynasty


Sermon Text: 1 Samuel 17:1-58 Outline: Certain Death A Determined King Defying Death Reflection Questions: When was a time that you felt especially small, weak, overwhelmed, unable, and/or afraid? …How did you cope with that feeling (e.g. [a] some version of self-reliance OR [b] desperate dependence upon the Anointed Champion of fallen and finite sheep-like […]

The Glorious Gravedigger


Sermon Text: Mark 9:2-50 Reflection Questions: You want life, and happiness, and peace yes?  How are you planning on getting it? Does it bother you (or bewilder you) that Jesus talks about suffering and dying so much? How are you currently preoccupied with:  (1) your performance? (2) your productivity? (3) your personal prestige? How will […]