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Samuel v. God’s People


Sermon Text: 1 Samuel 12:1-25 Outline: Indictment (vv.1-13, 16-18) Credible Witnesses Stating the Case The Verdict Sentencing (vv.14-15, 19-25) Probation Penitence The Mediator’s Plea Reflection Questions: In what ways are you living as if God is not judge and judgment is not coming? What are those one or two habitual sins in your life that […]

The Great Physician


Sermon Text: Mark 2 Reflection Questions: What “really bothers” you? Why is it so problematic?  How does this “problem” threaten or assault your sense of control, or your “sacred” expectations? Who do you see as the really bad people in our culture? Do you think God would be friends with those people? …why or why […]