Sermons from August 2017

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How To Spot A True Christian


Sermon Text: John 3 Outline: Belief (vv.1-12) Relief (vv.13-21) Decrease (vv.22-36) Reflection Quesitons: In your opinion, what constitutes true belief? How can you tell the difference between true belief and something less than true belief? By whom are you saved? From what are you saved? For what purpose are you saved? Consider how you would […]

Zeal For His House


Sermon Text: John 2:1-22 Outline: Always on His Mind (vv.1-12) Wholehearted Devotion (vv.13-22) Reflection Questions: In what ways do you act like Eeyore or Rabbit [from “Winnie the Pooh”]? Are you fine with acting this way, or do you say Romans 7:24 to yourself? Do you believe that Jesus really really really does LOVE Eeyore […]

Do I Believe This?


Sermon Text: John 1 Outline: A Powerful Person A Problem A Promise Reflection Questions: In what ways are you overly-concerned with looking like a weirdo (i.e. you’re trying too hard to seem normal)? John the forerunner was an aggressive advocate of subordination and submission. Would you like to become more like John? Why or why […]

Whole Help


Sermon Text: Psalm 121 Outline: The Designer The Duration The Director Reflection Questions: What (or who) really helps you? How do you feel about helplessness? Is it bothersome or beautiful? How important is it to you – to NOT feel helpless? What’s your best reason for not trusting God and refusing His help? What does […]