Sermon Text: Mark 5

Reflection Questions:

  1. When, or where, would you NOT want Jesus to be present?  When, or where, would the presence of Jesus be disruptive to your life?  How has Jesus encroached on your preferences?
  2. In Mark 5:17 the Gerasene community begs Jesus to depart from their region.  Why do they want Jesus to leave?  Have you ever wished that Jesus would leave you alone?  Why?
  3. In Mark 5:18 the man who had been possessed with demons begs to be with Jesus.  Why does he desperately wish to be with Jesus?  Have you ever desperately desired to be with Jesus?  Why?
  4. Do you actually believe that Jesus invites us to “interrupt” Him?  How – practically speaking – can you be more deliberate and diligent when it comes to interrupting God?
  5. Do you doubt the extent of Jesus’ personal love, affection, and devotion for you?  Why?  How can you know for sure that Jesus really does love you – and He really is committed to you – beyond measure?