Sermon Text:  1 Sam 1:1-2:11


  1. Favorable Conditions
  2. Flee to the Mighty Fortress
  3. Firmly Fixed Forever

Reflection Questions:

  1. What favorable conditions must be in place for God to be able to work in your life (list 5 things …answer honestly in light of how you actually live and act)?
  2. Do you allow yourself to be completely honest with God when you pray, or are you preoccupied with “prayer procedure and protocol” and etiquette?  What are 3 things that you hesitate to bring up in conversation with God?
  3. What are you preoccupied with?  Where (in what) do you invest the bulk of your time, resources, money, talents, attention, praise, curiosity, etc.?
  4. Read Hannah’s Prayer (1 Sam. 2:1-10)… What is Hannah calling attention to about God and the Kingdom of God?